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Tiger Sea

A headstrong, young Woman sets out to dive a forbidden island but a terrifying ordeal puts her survival skills to the test.

Escapist adventure in an exotic, tropical location. Edge of your seat thrill-ride with a smart, flawed protagonist fighting to survive in impossible circumstances. A ‘WOMAN vs NATURE’ story, that at it’s core explores the complexities of relationships.  Lead characters are racially diverse half siblings, a sister and brother, on a deeply emotional, conflicted journey…

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Jelly Deck | Spacecake Productions

Collective Virtual Reality.

You want to experience it on the big screen. You want to see it with your friends. It’s something new and it’s really, really entertaining. Jelly is 2D, 3D, animation and has an audience participation element. When Boz puts on his goggles to enter his workspace – the audience is cued to do the same. There are musical interludes. It’s a visual trip. A roller coaster of funny, scary, creeps and giggles and its psychedelic. The 420 Nation is upon us. There needs to be new product, new entertainment. We are a culture of gamers. Games don’t come with instructions. You figure it out as you go along because its part of the fun. We identify with Boz’s experience when we follow his clues to take on and off our 3D goggles – just like the character in a game. 

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Orange is The New Black meets The Craft…

HAZEL, a twenty-one-year-old, musician enters a women’s detention center on trumped up drug charges. Inside CALLAN HOUSE  she meets troubled women of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Some have done hard time, others await trial in higher courts for serious crimes, most of them are skirting incarceration by serving court appointed addictions counseling. They are tough, broken, funny, certifiable, mothers, daughters, sisters, bullies, homeless and looking for refuge from the streets. ALL have been victims of some form of abuse in their lifetimes but few have seen justice – until Hazel discovers a GRIMOIRE (a book of spells) hidden under an inmate’s bed,  a BOOK that can bring them untold powers… but only a WITCH wold know how to use it.

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Van Helsing

In this reimagining of the classic Dracula story, the world is dominated by vampires, requiring humans to work together to survive.

The series centers on Vanessa Helsing, daughter of famed vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, who wakes up after a five-year coma to discover a vampire-controlled world. She soon learns that she possesses a unique blood composition that makes her immune to vampires and able to turn the creatures into humans. That power puts humanity’s last hope to return the world to how it once was before the vampires took over in Vanessa’s hands.

SYFY Channel  |  PRODUCERS: Mike Frislev & Chad Oakes  |  SHOW RUNNER: Neil Labute


A street smart, party girl with a Jesus fetish gets mixed up in a violent drug deal and finds a possible way out; by masquerading as a nun.

I love badass movies. The hip/cool of Elmore Leonard, the black comedy of vibrant characters that give Actors the room to bring something memorable to a role…

When Libby and Janell first discussed their story idea for Habit the film that instantly came to mind tone-wise was TRUE ROMANCE…

The Leads have a certain sweetness, a genuine belief in Love, a desire to attain something good -despite all the crime and chaos surrounding them, that made that film special in its genre. The early Reese Witherspoon vehicle, FREEWAY, an exploitation film, following a lead character marginalized by society but who’s soul has a noble quality, who transcends the lurid squalor of her situation – and elevates everyone around her in the process…

I love Female directors giving a new voice to the genre…
The films are bloody, cool, funny, dark and beautiful to look at…

They’re about women finding their power, breaking stereotypes, owning their sexuality…

The French horror film REVENGE by Coralie Fargeat…

What is unique and exciting and provocative to me about Habit is this idea of a spiritual love story. With some sex and drugs and dark humour in the mix…

Even the process of breaking story with three women was different; we shared personal experiences of love, addictions, abuse, religion, mysticism, child bearing – it was dark, hard, painful, funny but the collective storytelling brought out character, imagery and symbolism in a way that felt like I was writing something universal, elemental, uniquely female and hopefully… pretty badass:)

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Jelly Deck | Spacecake Productions

A pleasurable feast for the eyes.

Set inthe 1930s, three beautiful young women are invited to stay at a mysterious Comtesse’s manor where they are instructed in the art of passion, pleasure and submission. Soon, however, they suspect they are more captives than guests, and must plan their escape.

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The I-Land

When ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memory of who they are and how they got there, they set off on a trek to try to get back home, only to discover the world is not as it seems.